Zulema Uriarte-Elizalde

Zulema Uriarte-Elizalde, Director, Inclusion Strategy, Netflix

Director, Inclusion Strategy, Netflix

Zulema joined the Inclusion Strategy team at Netflix in 2021 where she supports the Netflix Animation Studios. Previous to Netflix, Zulema worked at The Walt Disney Company for nearly a decade, majority of which was spent supporting the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Zulema joined Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2011 initially as part of the recruitment team and then transitioned into the Talent Development and Outreach department where she focused on expanding talent pipeline streams to include historically marginalized communities. In 2016, she joined the Human Resources team at WDAS focusing on Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Planning, Leadership Development and Mentorship.

Zulema is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach where she double majored in International Business and Marketing. In her free time, Zulema enjoys traveling, dancing, cooking and spending time with loved ones.

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