Samantha Viqueira

Samantha Viqueira, LXiA Program Coordinator

LXiA Program Coordinator

Samantha "Sam" Viqueira is an avid animation lover with a background in technical consulting, education, and research. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Gender Studies, and Computing and Digital Technologies from the University of Notre Dame. During her time at Notre Dame, she was also a varsity fencer and captain for the Division l Fencing team. She is a two-time NCAA Team Champion.

Sam is a proud Boriqua and Cubano, whose commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion guides her interests and work. In 2019, she worked as a gaming engineer where she helped design and create an interactive visual novel to teach public health practitioners how to incorporate anti-oppressive principles into their research and classrooms. Later as a tech consultant, she helped coordinate anti-bias training courses internally. In her free time, Sam volunteers as a tutor for the non-profit PISTE and loves hanging out with her puppy, Appa. As a program coordinator at LXiA, Sam seeks to prioritize community-centered, equitable programs, specifically through helping empower, create, and support Latinx creatives.


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