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Empowering Diversity in Animation from Page to Post

Our Mission

Latino Film Institute + LXiA

Latino Film Institute (LFI) showcases, strengthens and celebrates the richness of Latino lives through the audiovisual event. We develop, activate, and support artists, creators, and executives through pathways and platforms for the expression and appreciation of their work.

LatinX in Animation (LXiA) represents a diverse group within the Animation, VFX, and Gaming industries dedicated to uniting a talented pool of innovators with a heart to create exceptional stories across multiple platforms.

We do so by organizing activities and events focused on networking, camaraderie, community service, education, communication, and professional development. LatinX in Animation will provide the resources necessary to promote and further develop creatives and decision-makers in the Animation, VFX, and Gaming industries.

Through these efforts, we hope to empower and promote the growth of Latinx diversity and minorities in all facets of the Animation, VFX, and Gaming industries by celebrating authentic stories that are About Us, Told By Us and Made By us.

Latino Film Institute Board of Directors

Edward James Olmos

Founder & Chairman

Dr. Judith F. Baca

Board Member

Pilar Flynn

Board Member

Jay Nomura

Board Member

Steven Zubkoff

Board President

Rafael Agustín

Executive Director

LXiA Leadership

Magdiela Hermida Duhamel

LXiA Founder & Co-Director

Bryan Dimas

LXiA Co-Founder & Co-Director

Angela M. Sánchez

LXiA Program Coordinator

Our Team

Michael J. Beall

Charter Member & Team Member

Jeannette Lara

Charter Member & Team Member

Alfredo Marun

Charter Member & Team Member

Maria Azellea

Team Member

Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster-Jones

Charter Member & Team Member

Michelle (Rincon) Eloren

Charter Member & Team Member

Angel Ruvalcaba

Team Member

Ingrid Tous

Charter Member & Team Member

LXiA Charter Members

Davin Duhamel

Haley Fritz

Carlos Mendez

LatinX in Animation began in the Spring of 2018 when Magdiela Hermida Duhamel sought out to create a Latinx community for animation professionals.


LXiA (LatinX in Animation) began in the Spring of 2018 when Magdiela Hermida Duhamel sought out to create a Latinx community for animation professionals. The goal of creating this group was to build a community for Latinx professionals that work in all different areas and disciplines including production, technical, and artistic roles. The community would have the opportunity to network and come together to learn from each other’s experiences. The original LXiA group started out very small, with only 30 members from a single studio, and would meet once a month during lunch.