The LXiA Spark Animation Grant, sponsored by NETFLIX, is a program that supports emerging and independent Latinx animation filmmakers and artists towards the production of an independent animated short film. The goal of the program is to uplift the presence of Latinx animation filmmakers, drawing attention to their individually unique ideas and perspectives as well as elevating the creativity and talent that the Latinx community at large has to offer to the animation industry. 


LXiA would like to thank and acknowledge the support and partnership of NETFLIX. Their generous support has helped make this grant program possible, and we are excited to see the impact of this program among the Latinx animation community.
The 2022 LXiA Spark Animation Grant program will award two visionary animation filmmakers with a grant in the amount of $10,000 each. Grant fellows will be paired with an industry mentor, who will offer their advice, experience, and guidance through the production of their short film. Fellows will also be supported via a series of workshops tailored to support them through the various stages of short film production. Completed short films will screen as part of Animation Day at LALIFF 2023.
The LXiA Spark Animation Grant will be awarded to individual Latinx filmmakers living and working in the United States. As the purpose of the grant is to help support a singular, complete short film, the grant will not be available to students or for commercial projects (including music videos, TV show pitches, or web series).


Below you’ll find information regarding deadlines, criteria, application details, instructions, and FAQ’s.



The LXiA Spark Animation Grant is open Monday November 15, and will close on Friday December 10 at 11:59 PM PST.



Please review all the criteria and eligibility requirements for the LXiA Spark Animation Grant.

  • Filmmaker must be living and legally able to work in the United States
  • Filmmaker must be 21 years of age or older
  • Filmmaker must self identify as Latinx/o/a/e
  • Proposed project must be for an independent animated short film (2D, CG, Stop-Motion, Hybrid).
  • Proposed project must be completed by April 30, 2023.
  • Filmmaker must not be enrolled in an academic institution
  • Professional Merit: Open to emerging filmmakers who have completed at least one short film, have not yet completed a feature film and are ready for the next step in their career.
  • Artistic Merit: Have a clear vision of what they want to execute and accomplish, with a powerful voice.
  • Please note that pilots, web series, music videos, commission works, performances, installations, and features are not eligible for the grant at this time.



Below is the breakdown of materials required for submission. All application materials must be submitted in English (although the final film can be in a different language). Each item is required unless otherwise noted. Please create a combined PDF that contains the following:

  • Treatment
    • Must include: Working Title, Plot Synopsis (Up to 500 words), and Stage of Development (Select from: early stage, near complete, completed)
    • Must be three pages or shorter (750 words, double-spaced)
    • Must be for a short film (maximum 10 minutes) of any genre
    • Must be the original work of the submitter created solely for the purpose of this competition
  • Resume or CV
  • Director’s Statement
    • Elaborate on your motive and vision behind your proposal for this fellowship. (500 words, double-spaced)
  • Identity Statement
    • Provide a short statement on your connection to your Latinx/o/a/e identity (Max. 300 words, double-spaced)
  • Concept Art
    • Submit at least 3 pieces of original artwork for this project. Please do not use other copyrighted work from other films or existing IP.
  • Budget
    • Provide us with a breakdown of major line items for the budget for the proposed project
    • Please include information if there are plans to raise additional funding, or have already received additional funding via other sources (Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc), or have plan to receive or have already received funding from other grant programs or initiatives. (Max. 500 words, double-spaced)
  • Sample of Previous Work
    • Link to a director or animator’s reel or excerpts from previous work. Please refer to FAQ’s on what can be included in reel. (Max. 5 minutes)
  • Additional Supporting Materials:
    • Storyboard and/or script (optional)
    • Link to animatic (optional)




Please refer to the FAQ’s below, which may answer immediate questions. For any questions related to the applications, contact [email protected]