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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a LXiA member?

Simple! You can become a LXiA member by completing this form.

Does it cost money to be a LXiA member or to go to LXiA events?

No, LatinX in Animation is currently free for anyone interested in the animation, VFX, and gaming industries. Some one-time special events or programs may request a small fee or donation.

I’m not Latinx, can I still be a LXiA member?

Yes, you can!! We welcome individuals who are Latinx-identifying as well as our allies and supporters.

I’m not Latinx, can I still use LXiA’s resources?

Yes, you can still sign up for free resources that go out to the rest of our community members (newsletters, job alerts) and attend our general events (mixers, open panels, Q&A events). We only ask that you please be respectful of spaces and job opportunities that are specifically requesting Latinx voices and presence. These are opportunities where we’re working to advance more inclusion and representation for Latinx professionals, so we greatly appreciate allyship in making that happen.

What kinds of programs does LXiA offer?

Currently, we offer exclusive networking mixers and Q&A events, monthly newsletters, job board updates and exclusive career opportunities, volunteer opportunities, workshops, and discounts to animation expos and conferences.

I can’t draw! Can I still join LatinX in Animation?

Yes, you can! We’re supportive of the diversity of careers in animation, including production, directing, development, and writing.

I don’t live in Los Angeles / the US, can I still participate in LXiA events?

You sure can! We’re working hard to make sure we continue virtual programming so members everywhere can participate. Additionally, we also partner with international conferences (BitBang, Pixelatl, Paraguay Animation) to bring more information and interest around the world!

Does LXiA have other chapters?

At this time, we do not have other LatinX in Animation chapters, but we have ambitions to keep growing across new cities in the future!

Does LXiA have other chapters?

At this time, we do not have other LatinX in Animation chapters, but we have ambitions to keep growing across new cities in the future!

Does this mean I can start my own LXiA chapter?

Not yet. Hang tight with us! We hope to have this figured out in the near future.

I want a job in animation. Who at LXiA can hook me up?

While LXiA does offer alerts on career opportunities through our newsletter and electronic job board, LXiA does not provide animation jobs directly to members. We recommend that members interested in sharing their contact information with potential employers sign up through our directory.

I’m an employer / I have a job opportunity and I’m looking for some of that all-star Latinx talent! How do I get in touch?

Great to hear you’re committed to making inroads for Latinx professionals in animation! You can submit a job listing through our Job Board. If you would like to request access to the LXiA talent directory, please email

I have this AWESOME idea for a show! Will LXiA help me launch it?

Unfortunately, we’re an advocacy group and don’t develop original content for creatives. You’re welcome to reach out to our general membership and we can put the word out there that you’re looking for collaborators.

I’m looking to give back a little, is LXiA looking for volunteers?

Yes! We’re always looking for a few good volunteers. Please sign up with us here. You’ll receive alerts about a number of volunteer opportunities (both virtual and in-person) and other ways to stay involved. We appreciate it!

Where and how can I get some of that sweet, sweet LXiA swag?

Way to represent! You can check out our store online.

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