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Support “Roots”


"Roots" is a 2D and stop-motion animated short film produced with the support of Latinx in Animation’s Spark Grant sponsored by Netflix. We are currently raising additional funds to cover the production costs.

Logline: Isabel is a young woman who lives alone with her cat and her hair-pulling disorder embodied in a pesky creature called “Hair-Hand.” She hides Hair-Hand and her bald spots from her one and only friend, afraid that she'd leave her forever if she knew.


Director’s Note:

Trichotillomania is a body-focused repetitive disorder where a person has irresistible urges to pull out hair from any part of their body. I’ve had trichotillomania for over ten years now and have accepted this condition as just a part of me that comes and goes. This journey to acceptance has been tough and has only been possible with the support of my family, friends, and the trichotillomania community.

The condition is isolating and difficult to explain, so to experience it, “Roots” will be animated in stop-motion and in 2D. Stop-motion for when Isabel has urges to pull out her hair or needs texture stimulation, and 2D animation for when she’s living in the present moment and has no urges.

“Roots” is a short film I wish had existed when I had just started to pull out my hair at 12 years-old. I want to help people who are ashamed of this condition, or of their bodies, feel less alone. As a Latina, I’d also like to increase the visibility of “trichsters” of color in the media. This project will have its festival run, then will be made available online to reach a wider audience.


Director’s Bio:
Sandra Suarez is a Mexican-American stop-motion animator and mixed-media artist currently residing in Los Angeles. She learned stop-motion animation skills with world-renowned Aardman Animations through their academy program. She has worked with clients both in Mexico and the United States, most recently directing and producing an animated project with SyFy.
Sandra strives to create stories that explore the messiness of life and encourage kindness to oneself and others. Her projects range from silly, wacky and weird to introspective and sincere.
Reach out for collaborations (or obsess over animation) through e-mail or social media.
@threedollars21 on Instagram

Directed by Sandra Suarez
Produced by Carlos Mendez and Sandra Suarez
Written by Sandra Suarez
Art Direction by Kirsten Meinert
Follow @roots.animated.short on Instagram or email for more project and crew information.

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