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"Time without Me" serves as a sharp satire on immortality, exploring its impact on crime victims, patients, the elderly, and the workforce. The story challenges the notion that eternal life is a blessing, revealing how it unsettles the very elements that give life value.

Logline: In a world where humanity has gained the gift of eternal life, ‘Time without Me’ invites you on a journey where fatal accidents aren’t fatal and aging never ceases. Dive into the paradox of immortality and explore the raw reality of life when the end is taken off the table. This is not just a story; it’s a journey that tests the very concept of life itself.

Director’s Note:

I, Danna Galeano, a proud Latina director, aim to peel back the often romanticized veil of immortality with “Time without Me”. Drawing from my cultural roots where death is perceived not as an end, but as a profound transition that infuses life with value. I present a starkly contrasting reality where eternal life has stripped existence of its essence, leaving only a tedious cycle of repetition.

Through the irony of a cheerful radio announcer praising endless life against the grim reality our characters face, the story sheds light on the often overlooked beauty of our mortal existence. This tale doesn’t just question the charm of living forever - it honors the fleeting, vibrant life we lead, nudging us to embrace our mortality as a motivating force to live each day with purpose and passion.


  1. Credits:
Directed by: Danna Galeano
Produced by: Monique Henry-Hudson
Animation by: Formidables Studio
Music by: Cristóbal Carvajal
* Formidable, the animation studio behind ‘Time without Me,’ is a creative force hailing from Chile. Renowned for their animated feature ‘Nahuel and the Magic Book,’ which was an official selection at the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2020.

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